Our Project Managers are involved in planning, daily supervision and feedback of your building project. We have more than 50years experience in the construction industry and our construction teams are involved in various building projects and construction sites. Other services we also offer includes:

  1. On-site measuring & slab quotes
  2. Deliveries
  3. Installation of slabs, staircases & cage beams
  4. Placing of concrete / ready mix

On-site measuring & slab quotes
We prepare slab quotations based on your square meters. For a more accurate quotation, we need a set of plans showing all the elevations and floor layouts underneath and above the required slab. Exact measurements are taken on site for final quotations and our engineers also prepare the full slab design based on the final measurements.

Our own fleet of trucks ensures that products are loaded correctly for deliveries and offloaded correctly at your site. If you prefer to collect at our factory, we ensure that your collection is loaded correctly for you to transport it safely to your construction site.

Installation of slab, staircases & cage beams
We supply all the shuttering & props when our construction teams do the installation of rib & block slabs together with the staircases and cage beams with the additional steel requirements for slabs.

Placing of concrete / ready mix
Our construction teams are well equipped to do the placing of ready mix for the rib & block slabs, staircases and cage beams. The standard pump mix ordered is 25mpa.


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