The rib & block system consists of pre-stressed ribs, hollow core blocks, Y-10 rebar and Ref100Mesh. This system can be used for basement-, first floor and roof slabs. All re-inforcing steel & mesh requirements for your slab are supplied as per engineer’s bending schedule.

Pre-stressed Ribs (flooring beams)

  1. Span up to 7.8m with 7 wires @ 4mm diameter for all lengths
  2. 140mm x 60mm (80 mpa @ 28days)
  3. Mass 17kg/m.
  4. Rib & block centers @ 590mm.

Blocks manufactured at our block plant

Type Slab depths Dimensions (lxwxh) mm
S120 170mm 450 x 220 x 120
S150 200mm 450 x 220 x 150
S205 255mm 450 x 220 x 205
S290 340mm 450 x 220 x 290
S-Tray filler block 450 x 220 x 55

Advantages of the rib and block slab, compared to other slab systems:

  1. The structural integrity of the rib and block slabs is the primary benefactor for this system.
  2. Versatility for different architectural designs including cantilevers, makes the rib and block slabs the preferred choice!
  3. Improved sound and heat insulation further enhance this system.
  4. The electrical slab boxes, which are the same size as the concrete slab blocks, allow for down-lighters anywhere in the slab and the electrical conduits to be positioned correctly.
  5. Plastered smooth ceilings with no grooves give a quality finish to your slab.
  6. Easy installation guaranteed! No cranes or formwork needed.
  7. Reduced cost for labour, installation, steel and propping.
  8. Levelling of slab is done while packing the slab, as the weight of the concrete pre-stressed ribs and blocks press down on the props.

SABS 0160 always form part of an engineer’s design for any slab. Technical info is always calculated in accordance with SABS 0100. These are guidelines to different types of structures:

  1. Residential Live Loads – 1,5 kN/m²
  2. Lecture rooms, operating theatres, parking areas – 2 kN/m²
  3. Offices for general use – 2,5 kN/m²
  4. Offices with data-processing equipment – 3 kN/m²
  5. Cafes, restaurants, dining rooms in hotels – 3 kN/m²
  6. Theatres, sport complexes with fixed seating – 4 kN/m²
  7. Light laboratories, Banking halls, sales areas in retail shops – 4 kN/m²
  8. Public areas of airports, railway stations – 5 kN/m²
  9. Storage areas to offices, shelved areas to libraries – 5 kN/m²

Please consult your structural engineer for any information regarding slab loading. See SABS 0160-1989 (amended 1993) for more detailed information.


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